Who We Are

In the most concentrated Ceramics Developers, namely Morbi, lies a leader in the making, SAMRAT SANITARYWARE, an undisputed leader in manufacture and supply of quality sanitary ware.The promoters of the company have been in the business of ceramics since years and hence can boast of a strong experience in the Sanitary ware market.

With a consistent and persistent improvement in designs, shapes and finish, the company has a very wide range of products to meet any ambience imagined. The design department has expert from the field of bath ware who can foresee the coming trends and hence can design products that will delight the user and make the traders profitable. Further, with the growth of construction industry and the international influence in design, the company can proudly say that they are your best choice for products that will last the test of times.

Quality perspective of the company has been woven into the psyche of the people. ensuring that quality exists in products. processes and action all the three. The company promises to be the benchmark in quality and keep on improving on the same as time passes. We have a continuous training and up gradation module that monitors and enhances our ability to trap loop holes and plug them so our customers get the best products. All in all SAMRAT SANITARYWARE in time will be the most preferred sanitary ware supplier of India. You too can be a part of the huge SAMRAT SANITARYWARE customer family.

We will follow a logical and transparent pricing policy in order that all our products will be affordable and will seem reasonable to you, our valued customers. In order to provide you with continuously upgraded and refined products, we at SAMRAT SANITARYWARE commit ourselves to an agenda of rigorous and constant research and development with both materials and design.

Vision, Mission & Goal


The company has a vision of becoming one of the most successful Sanitary ware manufacturer and supplier in the present competitive ceramic industry.


Our mission is to focus on manufacturing in the product which are of best quality as required by the customer.


Continuous improvement of quality in all the manufacturing process, continuous training and education staff every quarterly. Keep The Marketing Channels and Dealers upgrade on the resent changes in the industry.